Forensic Accounting & Dispute Resolution

Establish the facts and protect your finances

If you or your business becomes involved in a legal dispute concerning money, you’ll need the help of a forensic accountant to provide financial evidence to support your case. We work alongside your lawyer to carry out all necessary forensic accounting and investigative work, no matter how complex or demanding it may be. From business and matrimonial disputes to tax or insurance investigations, defending your position is our number one priority.

No loose ends. Resolution inside or outside the courtroom

We’re committed to supporting your case in the most timely, efficient way possible.

Contacting us early on makes it more likely for us to resolve your dispute out of court, or significantly reduce your litigation costs. And, should you have to go to court, we’ll be there to strengthen your case as an expert witness or a single joint expert.

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If you’re seeking independent, expert advice and support in a legal dispute involving your or your company’s finances, contact our team of experienced forensic accountants for specialist guidance.
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Comprehensive services to support you

Business disputes can take many forms. It may surround warranty or indemnity claims that arise under a business purchase agreement, disputes relating to completion accounting on the purchase of a business, or when business partners fall out and want to separate or extract compensatory value to end the dispute. 

Whatever your situation, our experienced team are there to help your case. We report on the appropriate principles to be applied in deciding the quantum (the amount deserved) of a claim, evaluate this claim’s value, and determine the right method of accounting to arrive at the quantum. 

We can also advise on the value of your business or its segments and identify the tax ramifications of extracting value from it, which may include separating it into constituent parts in a tax-efficient manner.

We are experts in managing tax enquiries and disputes with HMRC. More and more individuals and businesses find themselves subject to tax investigations by HMRC due to their increased resources in this area.

Our highly qualified and experienced team understands that handling an enquiry in the right way from the start is critical to reach the best outcome, and we ensure you are given the help and support required if you ever need to handle this difficult scenario.

 We can support you across all HMRC enquiries, including:

·      Company Tax Investigation

·      Partnership Tax Return Investigation

·      Personal Tax Return Investigation

·      PAYE Tax Investigation

·      Self-Assessment Tax Investigation

HMRC have the power to investigate anyone that submits a tax return. If you are ever faced with an HMRC enquiry, the time and work involved in dealing with this can be substantial, with resulting fees running into thousands of pounds.

We help you avoid these potential difficulties through our Tax Investigation Policy, which covers the costs of defending you in the event of a tax enquiry by HMRC. Our experienced team will work hard to defend you during this enquiry, ensuring the potentially high costs of professional fees are  covered by the policy.

In addition, this will remove any concerns about professional fees, meaning you will not need to accept unreasonable tax charges by HMRC. You’ll also receive free access to a 24/7 business legal helpline to alleviate any worries you may have.

During a dispute involving a business, its value often needs to be assessed so all parties involved can extract appropriate value and reach a resolution. This also applies to divorce cases where the couple’s assets include a share or shares in a business.

We can help you produce a reasoned valuation of the company in an adverse situation, or as a single joint reporting expert under a Court appointment acting for both parties. Alongside the valuation, our report can include recommendations to settle your value separation in a tax-efficient manner and how the separation cost may be financed.

Where an individual or business is making a claim (often under an insurance policy) for loss of earnings or profits due to an accident or business interruption event, an expert’s report is normally required. This quantifies the amounts claimed and/or comments on the validity of the information used in forming the claims and the assumptions made to arrive at the claims. 

Our experienced team can help you during this process by providing a supported forensic report, offering accompanying financial evidence that reinforces your claims.

If you suspect fraud has been committed against you or your business, or that financial irregularities have taken place, our forensic experts can investigate the situation and provide a reasoned report supporting the quantification of the total loss involved, and work with your lawyers to advise on how such losses might be recovered.

If you consider you have received negligent advice from an adviser which has caused you a loss, we can help you quantify the loss and work with your lawyer to make a claim for redress against the adviser.


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