Corporate Finance

Reinforcing the decisions that define your company's future.

When you need to make important financial or investment decisions that impact your company’s future, we provide the expertise and information you need to make these with total confidence and clarity. Our Corporate Finance advisers support you throughout, balancing risk against reward for complete reassurance.

A seamless, straight forward transaction

From acquisition planning and raising finance to carrying out due diligence and support with succession planning.

Our experienced Corporate Finance team will guide you through the often-complex processes associated with managing a transaction.

Making your hard work worthwhile

We identify obstacles that could reduce the value you stand to gain from your business as part of your exit or succession planning.

Our team will guide you through the appropriate route and towards achieving your aims. Whatever the outcome, we’re there to support you.

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If you’re seeking independent advice and support, please contact our experienced chartered accountants and tax advisers for professional guidance and analysis.
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Comprehensive services to support you

To co-ordinate and manage a transaction, you need objective advice when constructing a deal. Our Corporate Finance team advise on business valuations, including assistance in drafting your Heads of Terms. These form the basis of the contract to merge, acquire or sell.

We can advise you on relevant tax issues and support you through the contract negotiations, focusing on the financial analysis to support the deal and the appropriate warranties and indemnities to protect your position.

 We also provide support in completion matters, including the preparation of completion accounts.

A management buy out/buy in is a popular way for existing business owners to achieve their goal to exit and realise their investment based on their efforts over the preceding years. These transactions typically involve a range of complexities, including:

·      Business valuations

·      Determining a suitable structure for the transaction

·      Advising on tax issues and gaining tax clearances

·      Negotiating suitable terms

·      Fundraising

·      Agreeing the contract terms

·      Completion procedures

Determining the value of your company forms a key part of most Corporate Finance transactions. We know how important this process is, which is why our specialists provide both commercial and fiscal valuations which are relevant to negotiations with HMRC.

Our valuation reports include supporting analysis and, where relevant and available, consideration of comparable transactions to support the valuation arrived at. 

If you need to raise funds for any purpose, such as a business investment, expansion, working capital or capital transaction, we can help you assess the amount of finance needed and your expected return on investment.

We advise on the preparation of your business plan and financial forecasts, and introduce you to appropriate sources to finance your company’s ambitions. We can also help during negotiations with funders, including appraising their terms and conditions and any covenants they set.

If you are buying or investing in a business, you’ll want to understand its key operating features and identify any areas of risk that could affect the value of your investment. Our comprehensive Corporate Finance advice thoroughly investigates your business, its history, background, management processes and compliance with tax and other regulations, as well as the validity of its accounting information.

By carrying out due diligence, you will receive reassurance that the acquisition/investment is suitable, and identify areas where you may require protection.

Occasionally a company needs to be restructured or reconstructed, either to separate its constituent parts to enhance the overall value, or to move forward with a more appropriate capital structure for their future needs.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, we can help you navigate the complex tax, accounting and company law issues involved in these company finance rearrangements, and help you handle negotiations where existing shareholders or third parties (such as HMRC) are involved.


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