Payroll and Pensions

Supporting your business and the people that make it

Ensuring your staff’s salaries and pensions are consistently paid is crucial for a happy, productive workplace. We take the burden of managing payroll and pensions off your shoulders. Acting as an extension of your business, we give you complete reassurance that your team’s payments are in the hands of experienced, responsible experts, so you can focus on driving your company forward.

A payroll and pension service that’s personal to your business

No two company’s payroll and pension needs are identical.

Our payroll experts take time to understand your unique contractual obligations and processes to develop a payroll and pension service that meets your needs.

Adding value to your payroll management process

Employment legislation is constantly changing, as are the demands on payroll managers.

From accurate and confidential record-keeping to your obligations to pension schemes, auto-enrolment and the National Minimum Wage, we support your team across a range of payroll and pension services.

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Comprehensive services to support you

Payroll data can be presented in many different forms, but to reduce manual errors, our preferred data input comes in a specific layout provided by us.

We recognise deadlines must be met, which is why we expect to turn around your payroll within 48 hours. Processing is handled by our payroll specialists, with a dedicated payroll manager assigned as your main point of contact throughout your time with us. After your payroll is reviewed in-house, reports are sent for approval to our agreed contact within your team. Once agreed, payrolls are finalised and payslips uploaded to the portal for a specific live date.

We’re available throughout this process to assist with any queries you have. In addition, we work with you to advise on the completion of P11D returns between the end of the tax year and the filing deadline (6 July).

Our software allows us to create payroll journals to include specific nominal codes which can match your P&L and balance sheet. This can be separated by department and cost centres, which helps with the management and reporting of budgets and accounts.

Our team are not only experts in payroll services, but offer extensive knowledge in accounting. By creating journals on your behalf, we reduce the time spent by you and the finance team in preparing and posting these where required.

With over 1,000 different payroll reports, finding exactly what you require in a particular circumstance can prove difficult. Our payroll solutions and software allows us to design bespoke payroll reports that can be tailored to your exact needs, whether you need these to be split across tax years / periods, departments, cost centres or more.

As reporting requirements increase with multiple departments requiring very specific layouts, we can adjust our payroll reports to meet individual requirements. These can be produced in either PDF, Word or Excel format, with all payroll reports uploaded to our secure cloud-based portal, only accessible by the designated contact within your team.

Our ability to process the BACS each pay frequency ensures both your team and the HMRC are paid accurately and on time.

BACS can be processed in two different ways. Funds may be collected by direct debit into your salary account and then paid directly from this to the relevant people or groups. Alternatively, if you have a Service User Number (SUN), as a Bureau we can help make payments directly from your business bank account without requiring your login details, instead using our Bureau user number.

Following the introduction of GDPR, our preferred communication method is through our cloud-based payroll portal. This portal allows you to manage payslips, Auto Enrolment letters, P45s and P60s, as well as the ability to send email notifications to your staff when their payslip or other important information is available.

Employers have the option to upload their payroll data onto the portal, which sends it directly to the designated payroll team member. This keeps both the employer and employees details safe and secure.

Although Auto Enrolment was initially introduced in 2012, many are still unsure that this is required in their business. With re-enrolment already taking place for many of our clients, we help ensure this integral process is as streamlined as possible.

Our payroll software is capable of completing Auto Enrolment as part of the payroll cycle, with specific services including:

  • Assessing and monitoring your workforce’s ‘eligibility’

  • Managing employer and worker postponement

  • Preparing and uploading Auto Enrolment letters to employees

  • Enrolling employees and deducting contributions

  • Processing opt-out and opt-ins

  • Uploading payroll data to your desired pension provider

  • Re-enrolment

  • Pension declaration

Ensuring employees receive their payslips on or before pay day is a common challenge for  many payroll departments. This has become significantly more complicated in recent years with the rise of flexible working and the traditional approach to delivering a paper-based payslip is no longer practical or cost-effective.

Through our cloud-based payroll portal, we help ensure that your team members receive their expected payment on time, and that they can access payslips, P60s and pension letters from their PC, phone, tablet or any other mobile device.

Payroll functions come in many shapes and sizes and can often involve both functionality and regulatory compliance which fall outside of a management teams comfort zone in terms of detailed knowledge.

We work with you to provide a flexible review of your payroll function and identify potential weaknesses and areas of improvement from an operational efficiency and effectiveness perspective, as well as potential exposure through non-compliance. This is tailored based on a number of factors including areas of particular concern, or areas where we identify increased risk.

The scope of the work is agreed in advance and will look at various aspects as appropriate, including associated HR and accounts processes, procedures and policies. We will look to make recommendations which are graded based on priority and their potential impact on the business. We can also work with you to ensure contingency plans are in place for the payroll function.


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