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Essex Business Podcast: A county of three cities - but what's in a name?

by Kim Aaronricks

After so many years of being a city-less county, Essex now boasts three, following this year’s news that Southend and then Colchester were to join Chelmsford as having city status bestowed upon them.

So, what does this mean economically for the county? A path to new riches or simply a name-change? In this episode of the Essex Business Podcast, we look at what city status has done for the Chelmsford business scene as it celebrates its tenth anniversary as a city, and explore the potential for Southend and Colchester.

Cllr Stephen Robinson, Leader of Chelmsford City Council , explains how has Chelmsford benefited from its promotion to city status in 2012 and Chris Hodson from Pitman Training in Chelmsford discusses how city status has changed business prospects and mentality in Chelmsford over the past ten years. 

Plus, Cllr David King, Leader of Colchester Council , highlights what city status means, or could mean, economically, for the newly appointed city of Colchester.

Listen online at  or download episode 27 from your usual podcast provider (search ‘Essex Business Podcast'). You can also subscribe, and be among the first to listen to each episode on its release each month.

The Essex Business Podcast, which is brought to you by Rickard Luckin, features practical advice, tips, and insight from business leaders and professional advisers across the county.

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