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Essex Business Podcast: Town and city centres - the changing landscape of retail

by Kim Aaronricks

In this recent episode of the Essex Business Podcast , brought to you by Rickard Luckin, the spotlight is on Colchester, where town centre businesses have recently voted for the renewal of the Our Colchester BID (Business Improvement District).

The question on everyone's minds is whether town and city centres are on a downward spiral or if they are undergoing a phase of rejuvenation?

Peter Richardson, Colchester-based resident and Publishing Editor of Business Time in Essex , shares his insights into the remarkable changes he has witnessed in the heart of this historic city. With first-hand experience, Peter provides a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities faced by businesses in Colchester.

Sam Good, Our Colchester BID Manager, also sheds light on the substantial difference the BID has made in the past five years. From revitalising public spaces to enhancing the overall shopping experience, Sam discusses the BID's accomplishments and outlines the challenges that still lie ahead.

Plus, Matthew Brown, Economic Regeneration Manager at Colchester City Council , rounds out the discussion by sharing the exciting plans in place to boost the city centre. From infrastructure improvements to innovative initiatives, Matthew provides a glimpse into the council's vision for a thriving and dynamic Colchester city centre.

Whether you're a business owner, a community member, or simply curious about the future of our town and city centres, this episode of the Essex Business Podcast is a must-listen.

Find it online at or listen via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Amazon Music.

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