Welcome to the Southend office!

We are pleased to introduce our design-led office in Southend.

This office is the first in the firm to take the fully agile approach, giving us room to grow the team in Southend whilst underlining our commitment to the area as part of our strategic aim to “enhance employee engagement and the client experience”.

Whilst we still have plenty of “traditional” desk space to work from, we now have different open and private zones: such as a railway carriage-style meeting area; a tea-point meeting space; a relaxed, informal meeting room, and phone-booth style spaces for private individual work and calls. For our staff, this new environment is the perfect platform for both creativity and productivity, giving us the room to grow both as a business and individually.

It is hugely important, considering how long we’ve been here and the relationships we already have through our sponsorships and support of schemes such as Haven’s Hospices’ ‘Herd In The City’ initiative for example. We knew early on in the planning phase that we wanted something visual within the new space to connect us to the area, so have commissioned a bespoke mural in our boardroom that was painted by local artist Dan Luckin . We’re thoroughly pleased with the outcome, something we feel gives that room and the rest of the open plan area some additional wow factor.

It’s been an exciting process to invest in the creation of such an amazing space here in Southend, which underlines our commitment to the town and our clients. The ability to attract, retain and grow our workforce through this exciting new space undoubtedly has a positive effect on the service we can ultimately provide. We pride ourselves in the talent and expertise of our team, and this move only strengthens that as we look to provide clients with the highest level of service across Essex.

“Stunning job - such an original and unique design for your boardroom.”

“That looks like a great job! Look forward to seeing it first hand at some point.”

“Looks great guys. I look forward to stopping by!”

“Love it. It really doesn’t come across as a meeting room - boring and outdated. It has that ‘feel at home’ and comfortable look that says I’m with you right there by your side.”

“Omg this is so refreshing. I love your choice of branding colours and style. Lovely to see accountants breaking the mould.”

“Lovely video - wishing you happiness in your new work-home.”

“That looks fantastic. What a great mural on the boardroom wall!”

Southend office video tour!

We’re pleased to share this launch video that takes you behind the scenes of our Southend office.

Our mural 'time-lapse' video

Following the opening of our design-led Southend office, one of the key features has been our brand new mural that was painted by Dan Luckin - a talented local artist who is also a relative of William Luckin, one of Rickard Luckin’s original founders.

Click here to enjoy the full 75-second time-lapse video.

Photo gallery

Offering plenty of scope for further growth, the Clifftown Road office features ergonomic, design-led areas that allow for collaboration and privacy alike.

There is also a more formal, ‘wow-factor’ boardroom that boasts a feature ceiling, and a bespoke wall mural that depicts Southend’s iconic seascape. 

Take a look at our gallery to see more.

Southend Echo advertorial

To launch our external communications campaign, we announced our new office through the Southend Echo newspaper with this full-page advertorial showcasing the new space.

It gave readers a sneak-peek of what to expect, and you can see the advertorial yourselves by clicking here .

“We are really pleased with the outcome of the office refurbishment. The feedback from the team is that they are really enjoying working in a more modern, social and flexible space. The result has really exceeded our expectations, and the new office environment enables us to work more collaboratively across our teams to deliver a greater service to clients”.

Jamie Nice, Tax Director