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Important changes to vehicles/trailers entering EU

by Ian Marrow

For those affected this has the potential to be a significant issue. 

From 21 May 2022, you’ll need a standard international goods vehicle operator licence to transport goods for hire or reward in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

This will apply to the use of vans and car trailers over 2.5 tonnes.

This will apply to you if you’re based in Great Britain and use:

  • vans or other light goods vehicles (sometimes called ‘light commercial vehicles’)
  • vans towing trailers
  • cars towing trailers

HMRC says that the relevant vehicles need to be added to your existing goods vehicle operator licence; but if you have not got a goods vehicle operator licence then this requires the following:

The first step is simply noted as “Get a transport manager”

HMRC state: “You must have a transport manager to get a standard international goods vehicle operator licence” and “You must either:

  • apply to get an existing member of staff (including yourself) temporarily recognised as a transport manager
  • employ someone with a Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) qualification
  • hire in an external qualified transport manager”

Please note that option 1 requires that they must have at least 10 years of experience managing fleets of vehicles before 20 August 2020.

The second step is a requirement to show that the person making the application has access to funds. This is set at £1,600 for the first van or car trailer then £800 per additional van or car trailer.

Proof includes:

  • bank statements
  • credit card accounts
  • overdraft facilities
  • invoice finance agreements
  • audited accounts

A full licence takes “up to” nine weeks to issue (the same time between HMRC’s announcement being published and the date of implementation); but apparently an “interim” licence can be applied for that is “usually” issued sooner. The full licence costs £267 an interim £68, but with an additional “issue” charge of £401.

A link to the relevant web page is below:

If you have any questions about the transport of goods into the EU please contact Ian Marrow .

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