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Essex Business Podcast: R&D investment - Building an innovative economy in Essex

by Kim Aaronricks

Research & Development (R&D) investment has fallen by over 300% in Essex since 2002, which is now hindering productivity growth of the county’s businesses.

With Rishi Sunak declaring his desire to make the UK the most innovative economy in the world, how can Essex businesses play their part in growing a culture of creative thinking and supporting innovation?

In the latest episode of the Essex Business Podcast, David Rose, Tax Associate at Rickard Luckin , discusses the changes to R&D tax reliefs coming this April, as well the actions HMRC are taking as part of their fraud prevention measures. Plus, Michael Veasey, Sector Development and Partnership Manager at Essex County Council , addresses the issue of the lack of innovation and R&D investment by Essex businesses and their aspirations to stop the rot. Andrea Reynolds, CEO of Swoop Funding also explains the financial support available to Essex businesses.

David, who leads Rickard Luckin’s R&D offering, said: “Innovation and creativity are the lifeblood of any successful business. If we want to see progress and growth in Essex, we need to invest in innovative ideas and technologies. That's why R&D investment is so crucial for companies in Essex. By embracing a culture of taking risks and thinking outside the box, Essex can become a centre of innovation and lead the way for the rest of the country.”

Listen online at , or download episode 30 from your usual podcast provider (search ‘Essex Business Podcast). You can also subscribe, and be among the first to listen to each episode on its release each month.

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