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Essex Business Podcast: Christmas trading – still the saviour of the retail and hospitality year?

by Kim Aaronricks

As the scent of mince pies and satsumas fills the air, the Essex Business Podcast unravels the age-old belief that Christmas is a make-or-break period for businesses. Is it truly the pivotal lifeline for the retail sector, or has it become a myth in the ever-evolving landscape of commerce?

To shed light on this topic, reporter Chris Penhall dives into the Chelmsford city centre, speaking with Sara Tupper, Chelmsford BID  Manager, on how the joy of the holidays contributes to cash register ringing. Plus, Helen Wood, Manager of Waterstones  in Colchester, offers her perspectives on the wider retail and hospitality scene, while Laura Muncey, Senior Lecturer in Economics at Anglia Ruskin University, joins the discussion to offer a comprehensive economic backdrop, exploring the external factors like inflation and global events that might be influencing Christmas trading in Essex.

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