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Essex Business Podcast: Why work five days when four will do?

by Kim Aaronricks

A recent trial in the North-East found employers and employees alike favoured a four-day workweek.

In this episode of the Essex Business Podcast, brought to you by Rickard Luckin, we ask if this could be the future and are we about to see a seismic shift in traditional working patterns.

Our reporter, Chris Penhall, talks to Carla Beard, Director at Colchester-based Koala Digital , who has successfully implemented a four-day workweek in their company, and Catherine Hodds, HR Consultant in Birketts ' Employment Team, provides a comprehensive understanding of how a four-day workweek can enhance employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention, including tips on reshaping company culture, fostering collaboration, and optimising time management.

Plus, we hear from Karen Morovic, Senior Employment Law Solicitor at Birkett Long , who discusses the legal implications that employers and employees need to consider when transitioning to a four-day workweek, such as wage and hour laws, benefits and compensation structures and employee contracts.

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