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Case study: Craig Hubert


Craig Hubert is a world and five times British hairdressing champion. He established his award winning Chelmsford hair salon back in 2004 and his passion for hairdressing is shown through his creative and dedicated team of highly qualified stylists.

"For me, the team are the business, and that extends externally. So when it comes to my accountancy, legals, marketing etc., whether they are outsourced, they still have to be a part of the team, have the same brand values as us, and I want some input rather than just reactions. A couple of years ago I started looking around for a new accountancy firm, started looking at the major names, and for me Rickard Luckin just stood out. It was just clear to me that they had the same ideas, same values. They were personable, they were actually passionate about what they did and they got entrepreneurs."   

 Craig Hubert, Managing Director & Owner

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Craig Hubert

"For me, the team are the business, and that extends externally."


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