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Case Study: TDR Groundworks


Since its formation in 2009, TDR Groundworks has transitioned from specialising in minor highway works to becoming an established groundworks and civil engineering contractor.

The directors of the firm have a combined industry experience of over 70 years, and TDR Groundworks place a strong emphasis on working collaboratively with their customers and suppliers.

Having worked alongside the management team at TDR Groundworks for a number of years, we have developed a deep understanding of their business and their industry. This has enabled us to provide valuable insights and guidance beyond the scope of traditional accounting services, and we have become their trusted adviser and sounding board.

Acting as a trusted adviser means that we not only assist with compliance matters but also offer advice and guidance to help TDR make informed decisions. We provide a safe space for our client to discuss and explore their business ideas, leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience to provide valuable feedback and suggestions.

We find that this collaborative approach can be highly beneficial for our clients. TDR knows that they can rely on our expertise to navigate challenges, identify opportunities, and help them make well-informed business decisions. It also demonstrates the value that we bring to the relationship, going beyond the usual expectations of an accountant and establishing a strong partnership based on trust and shared goals.

Ken Carter, Director at TDR Groundworks, commented: "We have worked with Rickard Luckin for a number of years now, and during this period we have managed to build a fantastic working partnership with the team. They understand our business, and equally as important, they understand each of the board as individuals. They have become a trusted adviser to our business, and we are very grateful for their continued input and support."

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