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Go green and boost your business with these quick eco-friendly tips


The impact we are all having on the environment, both as individuals and as companies, continues to be a hot topic for governments around the world and the media, ranging from the negative impact of plastic bottles and packaging waste to pollution from transportation as well as our future energy usage.

It isn’t only large multinational corporations who need to consider business sustainability but also owner managed businesses of all sizes as well. Climate change and environmental friendliness are ever-growing concerns for companies both large and small, as we wake up to the fact that a greener economy is a direct route towards better business.

It goes to follow, therefore, that the impact of business operations on the environment must be a key consideration for all company owners in their focus on healthy growth.

To prove that environmental considerations aren’t as time-consuming or challenging as many believe, I have set out some surprisingly quick and simple tips that will not only help your business become a better friend to the environment, but could save hard-earned money in the process.

Reduce paper

You could potentially reduce your stationery budget as well as your environmental impact. A good place to start is how you communicate. Consider sending emails instead of letters, think before you print, replace the photocopier with a scanner – and don’t forget to recycle.

When printing is necessary, print on both sides of the paper and consider if you really need to print that document before printing. Consider if using recycled paper is an option. It has been suggested that as much as 45% to 70% of office waste is paper!

Switch to LED lighting

Reduce your energy bills and make significant savings by simply replacing old lighting with new efficient LED lighting.

Not only does an LED light last much longer and will typically use 85% to 90% less energy than a halogen bulb, tax reliefs could be claimed on the cost of installing new lighting.

Be cool

Turning the heat down by just one degree will make little difference in a typical office, particularly during the warmer months of the year, yet this is another effective way to reduce your energy bills and befriend the environment.

Insulate your office

Ensure your doors, windows and roofs are properly insulated in time for winter rolling round again. This will reduce the need to turn your heating up, and if you also open the windows instead of automatically switching on the air conditioning in summer, you could see a marked reduction in your energy costs.

Replace your fleet with ultra-low emission vehicles

This is something that is bound to impress your customers! In addition, energy efficient vehicles could result in lower P11D benefits for employees, and could qualify for 100% first year allowance. Electric charging points also qualify for 100% first year allowance.

Implementing the above tips will help reduce your company’s carbon footprint, ensuring a greener business. As a welcome reward, you could be treated to a reduction in your operational costs, as well as a possible acceleration of any tax relief your business may be entitled to.

To find out more about the business benefits of going green, and to assist you with your future planning, why not contact our expert business advisers at Rickard Luckin for a friendly consultation?

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