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Essex Business Podcast: Crystal-ball gazing into 2024 – if we dare!

by Kim Aaronricks

Predicting the future is always a precarious affair, especially in the ever-evolving landscape of business. But strategic planning remains crucial for organisations of all sizes, even amidst uncertainty.

To help you navigate the uncharted terrain of 2024, the Essex Business Podcast has gathered three experts to share their thoughts on what lies ahead for the Essex business scene.

Taking stock of the small business landscape

Ann Scott, Essex Development Manager for the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) , revisits her predictions from the start of 2023 and sheds light on both potential challenges and exciting opportunities for small businesses in the coming year. Listen to her insightful discussion with Chris Penhall for valuable tips on navigating changing trends and maximising success.

A comprehensive overview of business influencers

Ashton Hunt, Group Managing Director at Tees , paints a clear picture of the major factors poised to impact businesses in the next 12 months. From economic trends to day-to-day needs, Ashton delves into the key drivers of change and their potential implications on businesses. Learn more about preparing for these shifts in his comprehensive overview on the podcast.

Finding support and overcoming challenges

Andy Turner, Essex Director at Let’s Do Business Group , acknowledges the potential challenges that Essex businesses might face in 2024 and discusses the tools and resources they offer to help businesses thrive, even in unpredictable times.

Ready to get a glimpse into the future?

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