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Essex Business Podcast: The next budding Alan Sugar – exploring the ambitious entrepreneurs of Essex

by Kim Aaronricks

In the latest episode of the Essex Business Podcast, we shine the spotlight on the vibrant entrepreneurial scene in Essex.

With a focus on up-and-coming and highly ambitious individuals, the episode delves into the journeys, challenges, and successes of some of the county's most promising business leaders. From an award-winning insurance entrepreneur to an innovative video production company, these driven individuals are carving their path to success with the support of the local business community. Join us as we explore their stories, the valuable lessons they've learned, and the crucial role of practical advice in their journey.

Reporter Chris Penhall talks to Ben Smyth, the CEO and founder of Arma Karma , a Colchester-based insurance company with a difference, and Dan Hugo, the Managing Director at Outline Media Productions , provides valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of starting up a business.

Plus, Kevin Thomas, Director at Rickard Luckin , emphasises the significance of having an accountant who goes beyond number-crunching and offers practical advice, and sheds light on the role of accountants in helping businesses navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and unlock their true potential.

Kim Aaronricks, Marketing Manager at Rickard Luckin (who bring you the Essex Business Podcast) says, "This episode showcases the incredible talent and determination of entrepreneurs across Essex. Our guests demonstrate the immense potential that exists within the county, and the invaluable support available to help them flourish."

Listen online at , or download episode 33 from your usual podcast provider (search ‘Essex Business Podcast). You can also subscribe, and be among the first to listen to each episode on its release each month.

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