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Essex Business Podcast: Marketing - a food, not a medicine, for your business

by Kim Aaronricks

The latest episode of the Essex Business Podcast , has now been released, featuring practical tips and specialist advice from sought-after experts and professional advisers across the county, to help companies thrive post-lockdown.

Marketing: a food, not a medicine, for your business. 

Many business owners have Covid-related challenges at the moment, and one question many will have asked themselves is “how can I let my customers and clients know that I am still here?’ That means marketing has never been more important, but when budgets are squeezed, how can it be done effectively and efficiently?

We speak to Sarah Brockwell of SarahBee Marketing about what marketing actually is and how businesses can adapt, Allistair  Hunter of The DS Group about the importance of the right marketing mix, and Neil Heather from Storm Creative explains why planning should be an integral, ongoing part of your marketing strategy.

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