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Essex Business Podcast: Unlocking potential - the power of apprenticeships

by Kim Aaronricks

In the latest episode of the Essex Business Podcast , brought to you by Rickard Luckin, we dive deep into the world of apprenticeships and explore their role in addressing the persistent skills shortages affecting various sectors of business.

As a new generation of apprentices embarks on exciting career journeys, we ask the question: are apprenticeships the key to solving the skills shortages that impact so many industries?

Reporter Chris Penhall speaks to a selection of experts in the field, including Hannah O'Brien and Toni Parrish, Employer Engagement Officers at Adult Community Learning Essex (ACL), who oversees hundreds of apprenticeships every year, making them an invaluable resource in the county's educational landscape. They provide essential insight into their role and the impact they have on nurturing new talent.

We also had the pleasure of speaking with Debianne Messenger, Work Based Learning Manager at Career Track , Tendring District Council's apprenticeship training provider. Career Track plays a pivotal role in facilitating apprenticeships in Essex, Suffolk, and Kent, collaborating closely with local authorities and businesses. Debianne elaborated on the unique opportunities Career Track offers to both apprentices and employers.

To gain further insight into the experiences of organisations that take on apprentices, Carol Magnus, Organisational Development Manager at Tendring District Council , also shares her perspective on the benefits of apprenticeships for organisations and highlights the incredible potential they unlock in the workforce.

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