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Supporting Essex & Herts Air Ambulance: A glimpse inside their life-saving mission


Earlier this month, we had the privilege of co-hosting a Champagne Reception and an exclusive private tour of the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance (EHAAT) airbase at North Weald.

In partnership with the charity, we welcomed some of our valued clients and contacts, offering them an eye-opening experience that highlighted the indispensable work of EHAAT and supported their "Building Our Future Fleet" campaign, which seeks to raise funds for a new helicopter and advanced medical equipment.

We are immensely grateful to Jane Gurney, CEO of EHAAT, and her exceptional team for their warm welcome, and for granting us an insider's view into the vital work they carry out every day.

EHAAT is a charity that provides 24/7 emergency care to the people of Essex and Hertfordshire. Their mission is simple, yet profoundly significant – to save lives and reduce or prevent disability or suffering from critical illness and injury by delivering a first-class pre-hospital emergency medical service across Essex, Hertfordshire, and surrounding areas. During the tour, our guests witnessed first-hand the dedication and unwavering commitment of the EHAAT team to this mission.

Steve Revill , Managing Director of Rickard Luckin and a member of the Building Our Future Fleet Campaign Board, said, "Our commitment to EHAAT is not just corporate responsibility; it's a reflection of our values and ethos. We understand that a thriving community is the foundation of a successful business and the critical, life-saving work that EHAAT does is vital to safeguarding the wellbeing of our employees, clients, and neighbours. Supporting this charity is an investment in the very community that has enabled our growth."

Gayner Smith , who heads up the Charity Team at Rickard Luckin, added, " Our firm's roots are deeply intertwined with the Essex community and by way of support for EHAAT, who receiving no government support are totally reliant on gifts and donations, we were delighted to have the opportunity to invite clients to a special tour of the EHAAT facility and to learn, together with those clients, all the amazing work they do. This goes way beyond a regular ambulance service. They have a senior consultant doctor on every trip as well as a trauma trained paramedic and this enables them to carry out on the spot procedures, eg heart by-passes, giving blood, etc, before air lifting the patient to the most appropriate hospital for their needs. The service that they provide therefore really does mean the difference between life and death for many of their patients. In the last year, they have treated over 1,900 patients and, in this year, as they strive to meet their final £1m in funding needed to secure their new helicopter in April 2024, we feel especially privileged to have been a small part of helping to spread the word about the tremendous work they do.

The tour was amazing, the whole team at EHAAT, including many volunteer workers, are so positive and passionate about everything they do. And, what wonderful things they do, do. We have met people whose lives had been saved by EHAAT, and who are still benefitting now from their aftercare support service! All truly wonderful!

There are so many ways we can help them, from their monthly lottery (a major source of income for EHAAT) to one off donations, helping in one of the many volunteer roles or, arranging a tour for your own company.

Whilst EHAAT themselves are the best first port of call for information, if you would like to support them, myself or Steve Revill would be happy to take any calls from people wishing to know more before making that initial approach.

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