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Our Southend office mural time-lapse

by Kim Aaronricks

Following the recent opening of our new design-led Southend office, one of the key features has been our brand new mural that was painted by Dan Luckin - a talented local artist who is also a relative of William Luckin, one of Rickard Luckin’s original founders.

Dan is a traditional sign-writer and mural artist, who spent three days creating this bespoke wall mural of Southend that is a further nod to the firm’s proud history and long-standing presence in the area.

Whilst we’re sure you’ll agree that the end product looks stunning, what’s also impressive is seeing how Dan went about creating such a piece of work. Fortunately, the team at Spacio Office Design installed a time-lapse camera just before work got underway, and we’re pleased to now be able to share the process with you from start to finish.

Click here to enjoy the full 75 second time-lapse video in all its glory.

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Southend Office 'Mural' Time-Lapse

Click here to enjoy the full 75 second time-lapse video in all its glory.


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