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The Class of 2021 – Investing in the next generation


As Rickard Luckin continues to invest in the next generation of talent to build and strengthen its team for the future, we are pleased to announce our ‘Class of 2021’, which this year consists of an incredible 12 people.

In order to strengthen our team and support our clients in realising their potential and achieving their aims, our new student intake has seen Charley Pritchard, Joe Green, Lucy Kearney, Macauley Semple, Maddie Taylor, Matthew Lloyd, Becky Dunbar, Adam Farmer, Richard Sims, Tom Harrison, Georgia Hicks, and Stephen Reeve all start their career journeys with us.

We are very much looking forward to watching our class of 2021 develop and grow, and excited about what they can bring to Rickard Luckin as we continue to become one of the largest specialist accountancy and tax advice firms in Essex. The desire to offer our clients an ever-broader range of knowledge and expertise is the reason behind our continuous drive to invite the very best people to join our team, and with that we welcome our Class of 2021 to the Rickard Luckin family.

Find out a little more about our new starters below and how their employee experience has been since joining the firm:

Charley Pritchard

Charley Pritchard is an ACA Student - “ Working at Rickard Luckin has been a brilliantly challenging experience in the short few months I have been here. I have learnt so much yet at no point have I felt overwhelmed, due to the amount of support available to me. My team have been a huge source of help, and I have felt welcomed by everyone I have met at every level of the business.

Joe Green

Joe Green is an ACA Student - “ During my time so far at Rickard Luckin, I have found that everyone working here has been very friendly and welcoming; it is a really great environment to work and learn.

Lucy Kearney

Lucy Kearney joins us as an AAT Student in the Small Business Unit - “ Over my first 6 months at Rickard Luckin, the support I’ve received from my team on day-to-day work, and company-wide with my studies has been more than I had expected and received when at previous jobs. It has made it so easy to settle in and enjoy work every day.

Macauley Semple

Macauley Semple joins us as an ACA Student - “ My time with Rickard Luckin is both fun and rewarding. Everyone is friendly and welcoming and I really look forward to my future with the firm.

Maddie Taylor

Maddie Taylor is an ACA Student - “ I have really enjoyed my first few months at Rickard Luckin. Everyone is very helpful and lovely to work with. I look forward to progressing my career in such a welcoming environment.

Matt Lloyd

Matt Lloyd is an ACA Student - “ I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Rickard Luckin so far and am excited to see what the future holds. Everyone has been very welcoming and the responsibility they give you is great as it makes you feel like a truly valued member of the team.

Becky Dunbar

Becky Dunbar is a Tax Student - “ Joining Rickard Luckin has been the best decision I’ve made since finishing university. Not only are you challenged intellectually every day, but from the very beginning you are fully immersed into a team of hardworking, helpful and friendly individuals who encourage and nurture your professional and personal growth. One of the best things about the student programme here at RL is the fact that you work on real client work from your first day, which although daunting at first, really helps you to learn and take pride in your work. It also means that you feel like a real valued member of the team from day one.

Adam Farmer

Adam Farmer joins us as an ACA Student - “ I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first few months with Rickard Luckin. I feel I have learned lots, and everyone I have met so far has been very friendly and helpful. A highlight for me was the ‘RL Fest’, as it was great to meet more of the wider RL team. I’m looking forward to the exciting challenges ahead and to what the future will hold!

Richard Sims

Richard Sims joins us as a Tax Student - “ From the first interview you recognise how friendly everyone is, and from there you realise there is a real sense of community throughout the company. My colleagues are always happy to help and support me with any given task, giving me the confidence that I will grow and develop the professional skills necessary.

Tom Harrison

Tom Harrison is an ACA Student - “ Since joining Rickard Luckin I feel that everyone associated with the firm has made a big effort to welcome me, which has made the transition from university to the workplace so much easier. I have also been pleasantly surprised at how willing the firm is to receive my feedback in order to enhance my experience at the firm. The first couple of months at Rickard Luckin have been thoroughly enjoyable with the highlight being RL Fest.

Georgia Hicks

Georgia Hicks joins as an ACA Student - “ Working at Rickard Luckin has been a completely new and challenging experience. They consistently push forward and encourage the best. I have been really welcomed into my team and there is always someone there to support and help throughout the company.

Stephen Reeve

Stephen Reeve is an ACA Student - “ I have been at Rickard Luckin for just over 2 months already, and the time has flown by. The staff here are very friendly and have made settling into a new job easy. My experiences of the first two months are impressive and makes me glad I joined the company.

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